Live Webinar | The Global Chinese Consumer: Closing the Sale

    Join Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors on May 20 for a comprehensive guide for retailers on how to increase the in-store conversion rate for Chinese customers.
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    While attracting Chinese customers to your store location is no easy task, the challenge of increasing business with Chinese tourists does not end once they arrive at your doors. In response, luxury brands have become increasingly proactive in adapting their in-store experience to Chinese customers’ needs and preferences.

    On May 20, 2014, Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors will be hosting a webinar to provide luxury retailers with the tools to increase in-store conversion rate with Chinese customers and raise average transaction value, not just on the first visit, but over the customer lifecycle. And with Chinese customers’ high propensity to listen to word-of-mouth recommendations in making purchase decisions, a positive in-store experience not only affects that customer’s opinion about the brand, but that of his or her friends and family as well.

    The webinar will take place at 11:00 a.m. EST and is accessible from anywhere in the world. Click here for more details and registration information. For even more information on best practices for closing the sale with Chinese consumers, download our comprehensive report here.

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