Live Webinar | Chinese Travel Media: Navigating The Landscape

    Join Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors on April 23 for an in-depth training session on creating an effective media strategy to reach the outbound Chinese traveler.
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    Chinese tourists already represent the largest spending nationality in the world, outspending the perennial global leaders from Germany in 2012, dropping a total of US$102 billion on overseas trips compared to just US$84 billion by their German counterparts. According to a recent report by CLSA, the number of outbound Chinese tourists is expected to double and their

    spending is expected to triple by 2020.#

    The Chinese media landscape is large, complicated, crowded, and expensive. As a result, mass advertising in China is neither economically feasible nor effective for most luxury providers. Companies seeking to target the Chinese traveler must review options carefully in the context of their existing brand awareness in China, overall budget, and target customer profile.

    On April 23, 2014, Jing Daily and China Luxury Advisors will be hosting a webinar to provide luxury brand professionals with information and intelligence to make informed decisions about their brands and the Chinese travel-media landscape. The webinar will provide insight into media as an influencer of Chinese outbound travelers and assess best practices for establishing a Chinese traveler media strategy.

    Click here for more information on this upcoming event, or click here to register. For even more intelligence on navigating the Chinese travel media landscape, check out our related 25-page report.

    This webinar is part of an ongoing training series to provide insights on the traveling Chinese luxury consumer. Learn more about our additional upcoming webinars and report downloads.

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