Lancôme’s new art show in Shanghai wows visitors

    Lancôme’s “The Art of Absolue” exhibition creates online buzz and positive feedback from attendees.
    Lancôme’s “The Art of Absolue” exhibition creates online buzz and positive feedback from attendees. Image: Lancôme
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    On December 23, Lancôme unveiled the second edition of its branded exhibition, named “The Art of Absolue,” at China Shipping Pavilion in Shanghai. Named after the brand’s premium anti-aging line, and curated and coordinated by Somexing Art Agency, the exhibition features the work of 10 artists from France and China — showcasing a diversity of artistic mediums, including sculpture, immersive installations, upcycling, photography, multimedia, and 3D art. The exhibition will be open to the public until January 28.

    The commissioned works interpret Lancôme’s iconic rose symbol via four themes: Perpetual Rose, Perpetual Youth, Perpetual Sense, and Perpetual Life. A dedicated space titled Perpetual You presents the beauty brand’s iconic skincare collections.

    Netizens’ reactions#

    The exhibition has generated significant buzz online and among visitors. Many Xiaohongshu users commented that it was the most impressive branded exhibition they had seen this year. The “The Art of Absolue Lancôme Art Exhibition” hashtag attracted over 13.1 million views on Xiaohongshu in five days after it opened.

    A WeChat Mini Program is live for online users to make reservations and virtually explore the exhibition via image galleries and an audio guide, which enables the initiative to reach a wider audience of people that are not able to visit the physical space.

    Photo: Lancôme
    Photo: Lancôme


    Lancôme introduced the first edition of the “The Art of Absolue” exhibition, held under the theme of “One Moment Eternity” last year at the same museum in Shanghai. Continuing this initiative reflects the beauty powerhouse's commitment to not only showcasing its products, but also cultivating a distinctive brand narrative that extends beyond stereotypical beauty marketing.

    Hosting an exhibition focused on "The Art of Absolue" implies an emphasis on the premium and luxurious aspects of Lancôme's Absolue skincare line, demonstrating the label’s dedication to engaging and cultivating higher-end consumers.

    Such initiatives align with the broader industry trend of beauty brands embracing experiential marketing to create memorable interactions with consumers. Instead of merely spotlighting products and creating social media moments, Lancôme collaborated with an art agency to commission works drawing inspiration from the skincare collection, ensuring authenticity in its crossover with contemporary art.

    Through immersing visitors in an artistic journey, Lancôme seeks to strengthen brand loyalty, differentiate itself in a competitive market, and contribute to shaping consumer perceptions beyond product efficacy.

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