Join Jing Daily and Sotheby’s For a “Virtual Event” Tailor-Made For Luxury

    With Chinese consumers making a digital turn, brands must decisively leverage popular culture and domestic trends to sell to the critical China market.
    Join guests including artist Daniel Arsham as they discuss "How Popular Culture Has Redefined Luxury in China." (Image: Sotheby's)

    In 2020, China went from a key luxury market to arguably the most important in the world, as brands had no choice but to tailor their marketing and sales strategies for a consumer base that went from globally minded to much more domestically focused virtually overnight.

    With Chinese consumers turning to digital trends like livestreaming and local platforms such as Douyin to discover and, increasingly, purchase luxury goods, brands now must make decisive moves to leverage popular culture and domestic trends in order to sell to the critical China market. Today, China's retail market is largely open for business as usual even as international travel and luxury shopping remains off the table. As such, understanding how popular culture now impacts China's luxury market (and what that means for a successful marketing mix) is more urgent than ever for luxury brand decision-makers.

    Addressing this critical moment in time for the luxury industry, Jing Daily and Sotheby's will hold a must-attend webinar on

    Thursday, April 8 at 10am EST#

    / 3pm GMT exploring “How Popular Culture Has Redefined Luxury in China.” Moderated by Enrique Menendez, Editor-in-Chief of Jing Daily, the live webinar will also include contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, editor Ted Gushue, and Yuki Terase, Head of Contemporary Art, Sotheby’s Asia.

    Covering a wide range of topics, including how popular art carries over into what we call popular culture, how the definition of luxury has changed over the years, and the specialities of the Chinese luxury market, the webinar will provide attendees with a clear view on the current state of the global auction, art, and luxury markets, with takeaways that will help refine a global and a China strategy for 2021 and beyond.


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