Johnnie Walker House Taps Into Chengdu’s Growing Taste For Experiential Luxury

    The western city remains the next big frontier for luxury brands as it hosts Johnnie Walker's third ultra-luxe "whisky embassy" in China.
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    The interior of the new Chengdu Johnnie Walker House. (Courtesy Photo)

    As Chengdu continues to thrive as the next great frontier in China’s luxury market, the ultra-high-end Johnnie Walker House is the latest big opening to emerge on the scene.

    The all-new Chengdu “whisky embassy” joins Johnnie Walker House locations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Seoul with an eye toward high-net-worth individuals. Emulating private residences, the invitation-only centers in Shanghai and Beijing have been popular for their special services such as education on whisky production, personalized whisky blends, bespoke food and drink pairings, and menus developed by famous chefs. Members also have access to rare bottles and can participate in blending sessions with Johnnie Walker’s master blender. For guests who really want an authentic Scotch-drinking experience, the house also features a concierge service that sets up trips to Scotland.

    The exterior of the new Chengdu Johnnie Walker House. (Courtesy Photo)

    “Johnnie Walker House has proven to be a remarkable addition to the Diageo Reserve portfolio and a game-changer for the luxury whisky trade,” said Global Managing Director for Diageo Reserve James Thompson. “With Johnnie Walker House, we offer unique experiences – part education, part private club, part museum, part retail – for our consumers. In an industry where experience is key, we are proud to expand our Johnnie Walker House network to continue engaging consumers in bespoke yet unexpected ways.” In addition to the Chengdu location, the company is also targeting the booming global travel retail market with recent openings in Taiwan’s Taoyuan and India’s Mumbai airports.

    With services for both new whisky drinkers and experienced aficionados, the center taps into Chinese luxury consumers’ growing interest in personalized and experiential luxury. All Johnnie Walker House patrons receive the company’s quarterly publication that focuses on “the art of good living,” which features content on art, design, literature, music, drama, and cuisine. According to the company, the publication embraces the philosophy that “quality is now paramount, authenticity is in demand, and rarity of the experience is key.”

    As mainland China’s fourth-largest city by population size, the western city of Chengdu has seen a boom in retail development over the past year. In addition to a huge number of new malls—including one located inside the largest building in the world—new luxury retailers featuring individualistic niche brands are such as Lane Crawford are moving in.

    Look below for more images of the new location:

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