Jing Picks: Shanghai Tang Limited Edition Fixed-Gear Bike

    For its latest limited-edition partnership, Shanghai Tang's menswear designer Armele Barbier partnered with Jan Kole of Colossi Cycling on a special fixed-gear bicycle that echoes yet updates the iconic Flying Pigeon-style Chinese black bicycle.
    Shanghai Tang Fixed-Gear Bicycle, available only at the brand's HK flagship
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    Duddell Street Exclusive Echoes Classic Chinese Bike#

    Richemont-owned luxury brand

    Shanghai Tang#

    has been busy at work over the past year teaming up with designers, artists and international brands, creating limited edition items for Moleskine and Nespresso, collaborating with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, and holding an exhibition of the Chinese contemporary artist Huang Rui. For its latest exclusive partnership, Shanghai Tang menswear designer Armele Barbier partnered with Colossi Cycling's Jan Kole on a special fixed-gear bicycle.

    With a thoroughly modern and lightweight design that echoes yet updates the iconic Flying Pigeon-style Chinese black cycle so ubiquitous in cities like Beijing from the 1950s-1990s, Shanghai Tang's fixie is available in two of the brand's trademark colorways, fuchsia and orange. But, as always, style doesn't come cheap: prices range from HK$9,800 (US$1,263) for fuchsia to HK$10,800 (US$1,392) for orange.

    The Shanghai Tang fixie is available exclusively at the new Shanghai Tang Mansion on Duddell Street in Hong Kong. For additional information, contact

    Shanghai Tang Mansion#

    1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong

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