Jing Daily’s Year Of The Horse Readers' Choice: Hermès Galop Collection Jewelry

    We have a winner! The French luxury brand is our readers' favorite for the best year of the horse luxury product.
    Jing Daily
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    The results are in: of all of the special-edition Chinese New Year luxury products that hit the market this year, our readers’ favorite was Hermès’ Galop Collection fine jewelry. Exclusive to Harrods, these pieces celebrate both the year of the horse and the brand's equestrian heritage with auspicious rose gold adorned with diamonds.

    The pieces won our Chinese New Year poll by a landslide with 53.83 percent of the votes. The runner-up was BMW, which earned 15.38 percent of the votes for M6 Gran Coupé Horse Edition.

    That’s it for our poll until next year, when brands are going to have to come up with ways to make luxury products for the year of the sheep (at least one brand happy about that will likely be Brooks Brothers).

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