Jing Daily’s Top 10 Most-Read Interviews Of 2014

    From CEOs to bloggers, we've compiled a list of the interviews that captivated readers the most over the past year.
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    Every year, Jing Daily interviews key authors, CEOs, bloggers, and experts on their experiences with China's luxury industry. As part of our year-end coverage, we've rounded up the top 10 most-clicked interviews of the year:

    Kevin Kwan, author of Crazy Rich Asians#

    With a best-selling novel and a movie deal in the works, writing about the massive rise of wealth in Asia has made this a great year for Kwan.

    Kevin Li, creator of reality web series Ultra Rich Asian Girls#

    Li’s independent Chinese-language reality show following the lives of four wealthy young Chinese women living in Vancouver has caught the attention of millions of Chinese viewers and several Chinese online video sites.

    Roy Zhang, street style photographer and blogger from ShanghaiExpress#

    From fashionistas strolling West Nanjing Road to Anna Dello Russo, Zhang discusses his years of experience capturing the looks of top trendsetters in Shanghai.

    Susie Gordon, contributor to Unsavory Elements#

    Sipping on 60,000-RMB bottles of wine with China’s new rich is all in a day’s work for this Shanghai writer who recorded her wild experiences in a recent short story compilation.

    Stephanie Hsiao, China marketing manager for the NFL#

    In an interview with Jing Daily, Hsiao discusses why we might see more Chinese VIPs filling box seats at upcoming Super Bowls.

    Erwan Rambourg, author of The Bling Dynasty#

    The author of a comprehensive new guide to China’s luxury industry talks about why the global reign of China’s shoppers has only begun.

    Pablo Mauron, general manager of Digital Luxury Group#

    With a list of high-profile luxury clients, Mauron discusses how Chinese consumer trends are shaping brands’ social marketing strategies.

    Pierre Gervois, CEO and publisher of China Elite Focus#

    As the publisher of several Chinese-language luxury travel magazines, Gervois discusses Chinese travelers’ growing interest in unique experiences when they head abroad.

    Sean Li, editorial director for watches at Hong Kong Tatler and chief editor of watch magazine Revolution#

    The watch expert behind what is arguably the best watch magazine in the world talks about what lies ahead for the luxury watch industry in China in the midst of the ongoing anti-corruption campaign.

    Kyu C. Lee, CEO and producer of K-pop entertainment company Kino33Entertainment#

    The producer who helped globalize Psy’s massive hit “Gangnam Style” discusses why Korean pop music is such a hit in China and what his company is doing to target the Chinese market.

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