Jing Daily's Top 10 Interviews Of 2013

    From CEOs to fashion designers, Jing Daily reviews its top interviews of the year.
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    Jing Daily has talked to some fascinating figures involved in the business of luxury and culture in China this year, and while it was hard to narrow it down to just 10, below is a list of the most-read interviews of the year. Featuring successful figures on both the business and creative sides, the diverse list includes a chef, three fashion designers, a digital marketing expert, a blogger, a classical pianist, two CEOs, and a boutique owner. Check out the list below to see if there were any interviews you missed this year, and read all of our year-end coverage here.

    1. Yundi, Classical Pianist#

    "Above all else, classical pianist Yundi (李云迪, aka Li Yundi) is a true global phenomenon. Over a decade ago, Yundi — then only a teenager — rose from obscurity to become the youngest winner of the International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition award after 13 unclaimed years."

    2. Bryce Whitwam, Managing Director of Wunderman Shanghai#

    "Although the New York-based digital marketing company Wunderman is perhaps best known for the creation of the 1-800 toll-free number for businesses and the first ever customer rewards program for American Express, the number one global digital network is now a major marketing force in China."

    3. Christopher Bu, Fashion Designer and Celebrity Stylist#

    "Prior to launching his eponymous label in 2011, Bu had already carved out a name for himself as a stylist to the stars, most notably Fan. Shortly after, Bu experienced a Jason Wu moment when Fan wore one of his couture creations, a dramatic red gown embroidered with white cranes, to the Opening Ceremony of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival."


    4. Wayne Zhu, CEO of Bosideng U.K.#

    "While international luxury conglomerates have made China a primary focus of their expansion plans, Bosideng took the opposite approach, looking to burnish its brand by establishing a prestige presence abroad."

    5. Vivienne Tam, Fashion Designer#

    "With the emergence of China as a prominent international market, Chinese culture, art, and fashion are being accepted and sought after by the rest of the world."


    6. Jean Zimmermann, Founder Of Ba Yan Ka La#

    "Founded in 2007 by French entrepreneur and long-time China resident Jean Zimmermann, Shanghai-based Ba Yan Ka La bills itself as China’s first luxury skincare brand."

    7. Yin Jiasheng, Founder of SPACESHIP by TIPS#

    "Since opening its doors nearly three years ago,


    has staked out a sleepy corner of Nanchang Lu, led by intrepid founder Yin Jiasheng (尹佳圣) and stocking some of the most interesting and hard-to-find brands to ever hit Shanghai."

    8. Peter Xu, Fashion Blogger#

    "Xu is famous not only for his blog, but also for his frequent columns for China’s major fashion magazines, attendance at China’s hottest fashion events, and collaborations with labels such as Dior and Louis Vuitton."

    9. Haizhen Wang, Fashion Designer#

    "Following Haizhen Wang‘s AW 13/14 catwalk show, which closed out this installment of London Fashion Week, Jing Daily was invited backstage to speak to the Fashion Fringe Award-winning designer."


    10. Paul Pairet, Chef at Ultraviolet#

    "Venturing to Shanghai in 2005, Pairet ran Jade on 36 at the Shangri-La Hotel Pudong through 2008, then the following year added Mr & Mrs Bund, a French-inspired eatery nestled in the historic Bund, to the city’s fine dining scene. Shifting gears to dabble in the avant-garde, in 2012 Pairet opened Ultraviolet by Paul Pairet, a concept the chef had incubated for 15 years, brought to life in a purposefully mysterious yet groundbreaking dining experience."

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