Jing Daily’s Hotel Video Series: How The Peninsula’s Asian Heritage Helps It Win Over Chinese Visitors

    We're launching our new YouTube page with a series of video interviews asking luxury hotel managers what their businesses are doing to serve Chinese customers.
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    We’ve heard a lot about how luxury hotels across the world are pulling out all the stops to attract Chinese travelers to their front doors with everything from tea kettles in the rooms to Mandarin-speaking staff.

    In order to get a closer look at the types of amenities offered to Chinese visitors by the world’s top luxury hotels, we’re launching our brand new Jing Daily YouTube page with a special series of video interviews asking hotel managers across New York City what they're doing to attract these important guests.

    For our first installment, we interviewed Jonathan Crook, the general manager of The Peninsula New York, on his hotel’s services for Chinese visitors.

    “The Chinese market is more and more important for our company,” he says in the video embedded above. “As the only luxury five-star hotel with hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong, we go out on various marketing tours of a lot of the cities in mainland China to encourage visitors to not only visit our mainland hotels, but the American hotels as well.”

    In addition, Crook states that The Peninsula’s Chinese heritage is particularly advantageous in providing amenities to help Chinese guests feel at home in New York, such as Mandarin-speaking staff, Chinese tea service, menus translated into Chinese, Chinese breakfast, and more.

    “Throughout the hotel as you stay with us—the front desk, the front door, the restaurants, the housekeeping staff—you’ll always find Mandarin-speaking staff,” he says. The various amenities offered to Chinese visitors are aimed at providing a “luxury experience that makes them feel at home and comfortable when they’re here.”

    Watch the video above for more details on The Peninsula’s services for Chinese visitors, and follow our new YouTube page to stay up-to-date with more interviews to come.

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