Jing Daily’s Chinese New Year Reader Poll: Your Favorite Year Of The Horse Luxury Goods

    We've been keeping up with the wide array of luxury goods offered for the year of the horse, and now it's your turn to choose your favorite.
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    Today is the first day of Chinese New Year, marking a travel and retail rush both in China and abroad as Chinese vacationers head to all corners of the globe. With the overwhelming number of special-edition Chinese New Year luxury products released for the holiday, we've been working to keep you up to date on which brands are releasing what.

    In order to celebrate the holiday, we've narrowed the massive number of products down to an auspicious group of eight, and invite our readers to vote for their favorites. Check out our list below, and click the names for more details. Be sure to vote in the poll underneath, and if you don't see your favorite listed, feel free to write it in. We'll announce the results next week.

    Our eight picks:#

    Hermès Galop Collection Jewelry#

    Gucci Year Of The Horse Collection Bags & Jewelry#

    Cartier Year Of The Horse Watch Collection#

    Ralph Lauren Year Of The Horse Collection Fashion, Accessories, & Jewelry#

    Chopard L.U.C. Urushi Year Of The Horse Watch#

    Rolls-Royce Majestic Horse Ghost#

    Johnnie Walker Blue Label Zodiac Horse Scotch Whisky#

    BMW M6 Gran Coupé Horse Edition#

    Vote for your favorite:#

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