Jing Daily Report Launch: 'The New Chinese Student'

    With affluent Chinese students heading to the United States in record numbers, Jing Daily's new report tells brands what they need to know about this crucial trend.
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    The number of Chinese students heading to U.S. universities is growing rapidly every year, and their arrivals mean big opportunities for brands.

    As businesses strive to adapt to this rising demographic of influential and savvy international students, Jing Daily’s latest report, “The New Chinese Student,” takes a close look at the population of Chinese students in America, providing in-depth analysis on how companies can benefit from the purchasing power of this significant market. For the report, Jing Daily talked to experts in a wide range of businesses to discover what’s behind the tastes and spending of Chinese students. Brands, marketers, and entrepreneurs will gain insights into how to capitalize on this powerful consumer group now and in the coming years.

    In this report, you’ll find the following key features:

    • Observations of the demographic profile of Chinese students in the United States and their demand for luxury goods
    • A look at the consumer opportunities and strategies for marketing toward Chinese students
    • Case studies featuring successful companies that have adapted to Chinese students’ tastes, demands, and shopping habits
    • A breakdown of what the future holds for this market
    • Action points outlining what companies should do to effectively engage Chinese students

    Click here to learn more and download the report#


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