Jing Daily Launches New Report: China's Online Gray Market and Counterfeits

    As the online sale of gray-market and counterfeit items remains a critical issue for the luxury industry, Jing Daily's report details what brands need to know (and do).
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    The online sale of gray-market and counterfeit luxury items remains one of the most critical issues luxury brands face in China today.

    Jing Daily’s latest report, “

    China’s Online Gray Market and Counterfeits#

    ,” details the causes and impacts of both gray-market and counterfeit sales, as well as recommended response strategies for luxury brands.

    For the report, Jing Daily consulted with top experts on luxury gray-market and counterfeit e-commerce, including

    Zouheir Guedri#

    , the CEO of Data&Data, a research firm that offers services and technology to help brands fight counterfeits,

    Jonathan Li#

    , the co-founder of BorderX Lab and former algorithm architect at Alibaba, and

    Steve Dickinson#

    , attorney at Harris Moure and contributor to China Law Blog.

    In this report, you’ll find the following key features:

    • A comprehensive examination of the impacts of daigou sales on luxury brands
    • An in-depth investigation into the ways in which the gray market and the counterfeit market are interconnected
    • Analysis of how China’s e-commerce boom has affected the sales of counterfeits and daigou
    • A thorough examination of the impacts of online counterfeit sales for luxury brands
    • A detailed review into the recent controversies surrounding Alibaba and counterfeits, including an expert legal evaluation of the efficacy of legal action regarding fakes
    • A complete study of luxury brands’ responses to fakes and gray-market goods on Alibaba platforms
    • Beyond Tmall and Taobao: exploration of gray-market sales on social media including WeChat and photo-sharing platforms
    • Evaluation of the Chinese government’s responses to the gray market and fakes, including the efficacy of existing policies
    • Action points for luxury brands detailing how to respond to the gray market and counterfeits online in China

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