Jing Daily Launches Flash Report: Beyond Hong Kong

    As traveling Chinese luxury shoppers avoid Hong Kong, Jing Daily presents a new briefing on the latest hotspots for travelers from the mainland.
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    For the second installment of its “Flash Report” series, Jing Daily presents “Beyond Hong Kong: Where Luxury Brands Need to Look for Long-Term Growth.” The report profiles three major luxury markets outside of Hong Kong that have been seeing a surge of Chinese shoppers and show strong potential for long-term growth. Jing Daily’s Flash Reports are concise guides for busy luxury professionals, analyzing the most relevant China market trends in a straightforward format.

    “Beyond Hong Kong: Where Luxury Brands Need to Look for Long-Term Growth” is a briefing on where luxury brands need to focus their energies and how they can benefit from the global growth of outbound Chinese tourism. With to-the-point strategies for each regional market, this paper concisely outlines where luxury brands’ priorities should be in the coming months.

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