Jing Daily China Luxury Summit: Unpacking luxury’s evolution

    Jing Daily invites business leaders, cultural luminaries, and visionary creatives to share their insights on China’s evolving luxury landscape.
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    On May 22, 2024, at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, Jing Daily will host the Jing Daily China Luxury Summit.

    This half-day summit promises to be a pivotal gathering, bringing together a constellation of leading brands, cultural luminaries, industry titans, and visionary creatives. Against the backdrop of China’s ever-evolving luxury landscape, attendees will embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and dialogue.

    At the heart of the summit lies the theme of “Jing Zhi” (精致), a concept encapsulating refinement and exquisiteness in Chinese culture. Through keynote speeches, case spotlights, and panel discussions, we'll delve into the essence of luxury and celebrate the sophistication of Chinese craftsmanship and culture.

    China’s creative industries have witnessed a meteoric rise over the past two decades, gaining global recognition and influence. Within this dynamic milieu, the luxury sector has undergone a profound transformation, spurred by innovation and a reevaluation of Chinese identity.

    Amid a challenging global economic climate, China finds itself at a crossroads. Bain expects China’s luxury market to grow at a mid-single-digit rate in 2024, after expanding at 12 percent year on year in 2023, underscoring the fragility of consumer confidence.

    With the launch of the summit, our aim is to redefine luxury in the contemporary Chinese context and chart its future course. The summit addresses three key themes shaping the trajectory of luxury in China and beyond:

    • The new luxury narrative: Trace the essence of luxury since ancient China and explore the nuances of what defines luxury in Western and Chinese contexts.
    • Glocalization: Understand how global conglomerates like L’Oréal Group build cultural credibility in the Chinese market and how leading trade shows like Première Vision connect international industries to domestic fashion brands.
    • Consumer trends: Decode Chinese luxury shoppers’ shifting sentiment and behavior and explore the opportunities available in areas from design to marketing.

    Keep an eye out for updates on additional speakers, a detailed agenda, and registration information for the Jing Daily China Luxury Summit. Join us as we delve deeper into the realms of luxury, honor the richness of Chinese culture, and forge ahead in a new era defined by elegance and innovation.

    Secure your seat at the event by registering through our dedicated WeChat Mini Program. For more information about Jing Daily China Luxury Summit, contact

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