Jing Daily China Luxury Summit Shanghai 2024: Full agenda, speaker lineup

    Jing Daily invites business leaders, cultural luminaries, and visionary creatives to share their insights on China’s evolving luxury landscape. Register your seats now.
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    As multiple factors reshape China’s urban landscape and the country’s middle class burgeons, a kaleidoscope of new consumption patterns and marketing strategies is emerging. Over the past two decades, China’s luxury industry has soared to unprecedented heights. Yet, as we move into 2024, a recalibration is palpable in the mainland’s luxury market, steering it back onto a more sustainable growth trajectory.

    So what defines luxury in today’s milieu? In the shifting sands of Chinese consumerism, does the term “luxury” hold steadfast, or does it need to be reassessed? The macroeconomic climate, consumer sentiment, and evolving behaviors create an air of uncertainty, posing formidable challenges across the industry.

    In response, we present a fresh lens: “Jing Zhi,” a concept encapsulating refinement in Chinese culture. Rooted in cultural heritage, this concept invites exploration of the enduring elegance intrinsic to Chinese tradition and its relevance in contemporary markets.

    On May 22, 2024, at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, Jing Daily will host the Jing Daily China Luxury Summit.

    This half-day summit promises to be a pivotal gathering, bringing together a constellation of leading brands, cultural luminaries, industry titans, and visionary creatives. Please find the full agenda and speaker lineup below.

    Keynote Speech | Cultural Odyssey: Exploring “New Orientalism” Aesthetic Practices from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon to Lohengrin

    Speaker: Tim Yip, Oscar-winning Art Director

    Panel 1 | A Cross-Cultural Dialogue of Jing Zhi: Exploring the New Luxury Dynamics

    Moderator: Charlie Gu, Deputy Publisher of Jing Daily, Head of Jing Intelligence


    Wu Yi Xuan, Chair of UCCA Foundation, Deputy GM of UCCA Lab

    Joyce Deng, Chief Marketing Officer, Edrington China

    Li Sen, Editorial Director of T Magazine China, Huasheng Media Group

    Ma Xirui, Traditional Chinese incense culture practitioner

    Spotlight | Channeling China Pride: Build an Authentic Voice in Cultural Marketing

    Moderator: Wenzhuo Wu, China Managing Editor, Jing Daily

    Speaker: Katia Lan, Consumer Centricity Project Director, L’Oréal China

    Panel 2 | A New Horizon: Paving the Way for Chinese Brands to Shine in the Global Value Chain

    Moderator: Calvin Liu, Head of Strategy, Jing Daily China


    Florence Rousson, President of Première Vision Management Board

    Fengchen Wang, Chinese Designer

    Shouzeng Ye, Founder and Chairman of ICCF Group, CEO of ICICLE brand

    Panel 3 | The Next Frontier of Jing Zhi: Decoding the New Chinese Luxury Consumers

    Moderator: David Liu, Former Chairman of Weber Shandwick China


    Catherine Edme, Chief Growth Officer at Value Retail China (The Bicester Collection)

    Jimin Lee, Founder of Translatio

    Eric Wang, President & CEO of Yinfinity, Founder of CBNData

    Lucy Zhou, Senior Director, Head of Marketing, Visa China

    Secure your seat at the event by scanning the QR code at the bottom of the image above via WeChat App or visiting our dedicated WeChat Mini Program via mobile devices. For more information about Jing Daily China Luxury Summit, contact

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