Jing Daily And China Luxury Advisors Seminar: China In Context

    Join us on November 14 for an information-packed seminar on both domestic and global strategies for winning the Chinese luxury consumer. Registration is now open!
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    China Luxury Advisors and Jing Daily have partnered to host a seminar on November 14, 2013 to provide senior leadership from luxury brands, retailers, digital companies, media organizations, hospitality, and destinations with strategic insights into the Chinese consumer that will influence both China strategy and global practices and decisions for brands who are serious about winning the Chinese consumer. Registration is now open.

    Topics will include:

    Innovation and the Chinese consumer:#

    As China’s luxury market rapidly changes, learn how brands are innovating to appeal to Chinese consumers, from brand positioning to design, product development, retail, and marketing.

    Consumer influencers:#

    From cultural traditions to KOLs, explore the landscape of what’s influencing the tastes and purchase habits of China’s affluent consumers, and learn how to best maximize investment and outreach in this area.

    Effective brand building for the Chinese consumer:#

    Best practices for enhancing consumer demand both in China and abroad.

    Understanding China’s travelers:#

    On-the-ground observations and stories from traveling with Chinese high-net-worth consumers.

    Click here for registration and for more information.

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