Jeweler To The Stars Loree Rodkin Talks How To Build Trust With China’s Luxury Consumers

    A favorite jewelry designer of Barbara Streisand, Madonna, and First Lady Michelle Obama makes her move on the China market.
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    With her creations worn by Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Streisand, Madonna, Cher, Elton John and even First Lady Michelle Obama during the 2008 inaugural ball, Loree Rodkin is one of the most celebrated jewelers in the United States. Now, she’s looking for her next big market, so she’s expanding in—where else?—China.

    This week’s episode of Thoughtful China sits down with Rodkin in her Shanghai studio along with Ricardo Ferrer, the CEO of Shanghai-based luxury consultancy Asian Horizon China, to discuss her vision for her business in China.

    “The Chinese market is growing into a more adventurous spirit in things that they acquire,” she says. “It no longer is necessary for them to do logos” such as Chanel or Gucci. “I think that it will be a unique experience for me really meeting the client and seeing what it is they prefer.”

    Watch the video embedded above for her full interview.

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