Chinese Whispers: Punishes 16 Corrupt Employees, and More's recent internal anti-corruption movement targeted employees from luxury, fashion, beauty, logistics, and finance.
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    In “Chinese Whispers,” we share the biggest news stories about the luxury industry in China that haven’t yet made it into the English language.

    In this week’s edition, we discuss:

    •'s internal anti-corruption movement targeting employees from luxury, logistics, and finance,
    • Miu Miu's new campaign on social commerce app Redbook, and
    • Marriot International's collaboration with supermodel Liu Wen to promote Tmall Super Day.

    1. The e-commerce giant reported and fired corrupt employees - Sina#

    On August 24, China's second-largest e-commerce platform announced 16 corruption cases on its official corporate blog site, media outlet Sina reported. Two employees from JD Logistics and one from JD Finance have been detained by the local police station under suspicion of bribery. One procurement manager in the luxury and menswear department of JD Fashion was fired for the misuse of the company's resources to facilitate the business of an external company. Two other employees of JD Fashion and one working at JD Beauty, who dealt directly with brands and suppliers, were also fired for corrupt behavior.

    Courtesy photo
    Courtesy photo

    2. Prada Group's Luxury Youth Line Miu Miu Targets Gen-Z Shoppers on Redbook - Miu Miu#

    The youth-oriented Italian luxury label Miu Miu has recently debuted a new marketing campaign "Miu Theory" in China. The country's social commerce app Redbook has been the major channel for Miu Miu to target Chinese Gen-Z luxury fashion consumers.

    According to the brand, the ongoing campaign, which started on August 3, has invited several up-and-coming Chinese actresses including Chun Xia, Ouyang Nana, and Wenqi to share their stories with Miu Miu and promote the brand's products on their personal social media accounts. So far, the campaign has been viewed over 348,000 times on Redbook.

    Courtesy photo
    Courtesy photo

    3. Marriott International partners with Chinese model Liu Wen for its Tmall "Super Brand Day" project - SocialBeta#

    The luxury hotel chain Marriott International recently joined Alibaba Tmall's "Super Brand Day" project and invited popular Chinese supermodel Liu Wen to be the face of the campaign. Marriott hopes to use Liu's extensive travel experience to inspire Alibaba users to purchase its international travel black cards.

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