Is Mile the future of seasonless shopping?

    Carrying brands like Brunello Cucinelli and JW Anderson, MILE is a new, invite-only platform that aims to revolutionize luxury resale on curated designer apparel.
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    Mile is the newest members-only shopping platform aimed at transforming the luxury excess and overstock market.

    Helmed by the team behind Heat, a pioneer in digital commerce, Mile features a carefully curated, seasonless collection of top luxury brands at unbeatable prices, promising an exceptional experience for consumers and brands alike.

    Mile operates as an invite-only subscription service, providing its members with access to a selection of luxury items, ranging from archival pieces to current collections. Prospective members must apply, and those who are accepted can choose from different tiered memberships, each offering unique levels of access.

    For its members, Mile connects discerning shoppers with an extensive selection of luxury apparel from both established and emerging brands such as Brunello Cucinelli, Comme des Garçons, Kenzo, Missoni, JW Anderson, Off-White, and Y/Project. Products are offered at significant discounts, up to 90% off the original retail prices, making luxury more attainable.

    Mile offers luxury products at up to a 90% discount. Image: MILE
    Mile offers luxury products at up to a 90% discount. Image: MILE

    For brands, Mile is providing a sustainable solution for managing excess inventory while preserving brand integrity across various retail channels.

    Mile addresses a significant issue in the luxury industry: sustainably managing excess inventory. By partnering closely with brands, Mile helps maintain brand equity while offering consumers access to premium products at lower prices.

    The platform aims to benefit consumers and provide a viable solution for brands to manage surplus goods without resorting to traditional discounting that could harm their image.

    Joe Wilkinson, co-founder of Mile, explains, “We saw a chance to simplify the luxury shopping experience, which is often complex and opaque. Launching this platform was a key part of our long-term vision, and the timing is perfect now.”

    After nearly a year in development, Mile is now ready for its full launch. Consumer shopping habits have changed dramatically in recent years, with a shift towards prioritizing quality and meaning over newness. The rise of the seasonless shopper is evident, and Mile hopes to offer a product assortment that aligns perfectly with the mindset of young, savvy consumers.

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