Interview: Asia Fashion Collection’s Rising Design Star Tzu-Yun Wu

    The designer behind new label AUSTIN. W talks to Jing Daily about the rise of Asian designers and how Taiwan's fashion scene differs from the mainland.
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    Fashion designer Tzu-Yun Wu may only be 24 years old, but he’s already had the opportunity to present his collection for label AUSTIN.W at major global fashion weeks such as New York and Tokyo. As one of the multiple Asian designers that make up incubation project Asia Fashion Collection, Wu has the opportunity to receive support for the production and promotion of their collections, including the opportunity to present at multiple Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeks.

    After attending the Asia Fashion Collection show at New York Fashion Week earlier this month, we interviewed Wu on the rise of Asian designers on the global fashion stage, the Asia fashion market, and the differences between the fashion scenes in Taiwan and on the mainland.

    How did you become a part of Asia Fashion Collection?#

    Through the recommendation of the Taiwan Textile Federation, and the verification of Parco Department Store, and Vantan Design Institute in Japan.

    What was it like presenting in New York for the first time?#

    The minimalist style fits New York Fashion Week well. The use of stories and the warmth of Eastern culture made AUSTIN. W stand out.

    What is the concept of the collection you presented at New York Fashion Week?#

    “Home” is the most basic element in people’s lives and can also be something most longed for. I’m trying to convey the ideas of longing for home and the warmth of home to my valued clients.

    Who are some of the designers you most admire?#

    Korean designer R.shemiste, if naming one from the Asia fashion industry.

    Do you think your designs are intended more for customers in Asia, or do you consider the label to be more global?#

    My ideas are usually expressed in minimalist designs. This style suits both the Eastern and the Western cultures, looks more classic, and reflects current trends.

    What are the differences between the fashion scenes in Taiwan and mainland China?

    Taiwanese [designers] are good at telling sentimental stories through clothes, making them not just garments to wear, but infusing them with life. Chinese [designers] are specialized in great techniques and the use of layers and quantity to create beauty.

    This interview was translated from Chinese to English by Jasmine Lu.

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