Innovative Art Store at Beijing's Ullens Centre Makes Chinese Art More Accessible

    To give those of us who can't afford a multimillion-dollar Zhang Xiaogang painting or one-of-a-kind Ai Weiwei installation a chance to get our hands on some quality Chinese art, Beijing's Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA) has relaunched its affordable, on-site concept store.
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    Ullens Centre For Contemporary Art (UCCA) Re-Launches Limited Edition Concept Store For Contemporary Chinese Art Lovers On A Budget#

    Though most domestic art fans were slower to catch on to Chinese contemporary art than their foreign counterparts, works of art by big names like Liu Ye, Yue Minjun, Fang Lijun and Lin Tianmiao are, driven in large part by the emergence of the New Chinese Collector over the last year, becoming a "must have" for wealthier city-dwellers. To give those of us who can't afford a multimillion-dollar Zhang Xiaogang painting or one-of-a-kind Ai Weiwei installation a chance to get our hands on some quality Chinese art, Beijing's Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA), one of the city's top art venues, has relaunched its affordable, on-site concept store.

    From the Global Times:

    From limited editions by some of China's hottest contemporary artists to original works by cutting-edge designers, the UCCA store is giving art lovers a fresh new way to integrate creativity into their everyday lives.

    "Our store aligns with UCCA's vision to provide an international platform for premiere Chinese artists and designers," UCCA store director Xue Mei commented.

    "To that end, a separate room is dedicated to the display of limited editions by some of China's most sought-after artists, at affordable prices."

    Popular limited editions include Zhang Xiaogang's lithograph Big Family Portrait and Yue Minjun's Happiness as well as the iconic Made in China dinosaur sculpture by Sui Jianguo.

    One of the key features of the Ullens concept store is its exclusive collection of art and design collaborations, combining China's vibrant arts scene with its burgeoning fashion and design communities:

    Currently, latest designs from more than 20 up-and coming Chinese designers decorate the storefront, with a large projection screen showcasing the dynamic processes of how the art works were created.

    A wide array of unique artifacts such as refined stationary, jewelry and household accessories as well as clothing and furniture by promising young designers are also available in the new store.

    "The uniqueness of the UCCA store is that we promote not only artists but also designers who are the most energetic and creative in the Chinese contemporary art scene," explained Li Muyi, UCCA Communications Director.

    "I'm excited about my collaboration with UCCA art store," added interior and industrial designer Liu Feng. "There are other art shops that feature designers' products in the 798 Art District, but UCCA stands out for their stable operation. Because it's a non-profit organization, I think UCCA will provide a more objective and open platform for taking emerging designers to a larger audience."

    "For me, the distinction between art and design is not so clear cut. The architecture and style of UCCA is a combination of the two, which I can relate to. Therefore I feel very delighted to cooperate with them," Liu explained.


    "As Chinese people's educational and income level is improving, I expect China will see an explosive growth in the consumption of art merchandise and designer products."


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