Infographic: What's Grabbing The Attention Of China’s 527 Million Mobile Internet Users

    From instant messaging to e-commerce, see what China's growing ranks of mobile users are up to on their devices.
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    Chinese internet users now access the web more often through their mobile devices than through PCs, according to recent statistics from the China Internet Network Information Center. By the end of June this year, China had 527 million mobile web users, marking a 5.4 percent increase from the end of 2013.

    Of these users, 480 million are on smartphones, creating a major opportunity for brands hoping to take advantage of mobile marketing opportunities.

    In order to provide more insight into what’s taking up Chinese mobile users’ attention, Caixin has compiled an infographic outlining their top 15 most popular activities. At the front of the list is instant messaging—an unsurprising fact given the popularity of both SMS and WeChat in China.

    E-commerce use is also expanding rapidly: payments, shopping, and group-buying all rank on the list with astounding annual growth rates of 159 percent, 168 percent, and 226 percent, respectively. Check out the graphic below for the full list.

    (Homepage image: Shutterstock)

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