Infographic: The Rise Of China’s Social Traveler

    Chinese travelers fall into five main categories, and they are all using the internet to plan their trips in a myriad of ways at unprecedented rates, according to a new white paper.
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    Chinese travelers fall into five main categories, and all of them are using the internet at unprecedented levels to plan their trips, according to a new white paper by CIC and GroupM Knowledge. Business, self-driving, package tourism, luxury shopping, and "backpacking" tourists are all increasingly using online travel services for information, advice, reviews, and booking.

    According to the paper, each tourist typology has its own unique tastes when it comes to planning travels online. For example, business travelers are naturally most concerned with finding a good hotel and reliable transportation, while backpackers are passionate about finding ways to experience culture and nature, and then about sharing their experiences online afterward. Another group which likes to report on its travel experience is luxury shoppers, who use social media to—what else?—show off their new purchases.

    The researchers have compiled an infographic below with more details on the online tastes and preferences these vital groups:

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