Infographic: How To Engage Chinese Luxury Shoppers In Europe

    A new infographic outlines some of the common habits of China's luxury shoppers when they're traveling abroad—and when they're planning their luxury purchases ahead of time.
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    The Prada store in Milan. (Shutterstock)

    Chinese travelers are a crucial customer segment for Europe's luxury retailers, but many stores don't know exactly how these important clients are planning their trips and choosing what to buy.

    In order to shed some light on the habits of China's high-spending jet-set, consultancy SmithStreet Solutions has put together an infographic on its findings regarding Chinese shopping in Europe. One of its main conclusions: Chinese travelers like to plan their shopping ahead of time. They search for brands on Baidu and take care of purchases for friends back home who don't want to be stuck with China's high tariffs on imported luxury goods.

    Look below for the full graphic:

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