Infographic: How Chinese Fashionistas’ Closets Differ In Tier 1 And 2 Cities

    A new graphic by consultancy SmithStreet points out that not all Chinese cities are the same thanks to evolving tastes for global luxury labels.
    Jing Daily
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    Chinese luxury consumers’ growing sophistication—including a move away from logos and increasing interest in niche brands—is still concentrated in the country’s first-tier cities, according to a new info graphic by Shanghai-based consultancy SmithStreet. The graphic outlines four main categories that Chinese cities fall under when it comes to luxury: while ultra-fashionable Shanghai consumers have a growing interest in niche labels like Balenciaga, “developing” market Harbin and “entry-level” Xi’an still gravitate toward the likes of Coach and Louis Vuitton. The graphic also points out how far the inland city of Chengdu has come as its fashion retail scene becomes increasingly diverse with the recent addition of shopping centers such as Lane Crawford. Check out the graphic above for more details.

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