Infographic: China's Massive Role In Asia's E-Commerce Market

    According to a new infographic, China is one of the biggest driving factors behind Asia's projected global e-commerce domination.
    Asia, especially China, is set to dominate global e-commerce sales. (Go-Globe)
    Jing DailyAuthor
      Published   in Technology

    We all know that China's e-commerce market gets more massive by the day, and web development company Go-Globe's new infographic shows just how large of a role the country plays in Asia's path to global e-commerce dominance. Right now, 36 percent of all e-commerce sales in the world come from Asia—and 60 percent of that comes from China. Mobile technology plays a huge role in the market's growth: with Asia's high mobile internet penetration rate, 74 percent of Chinese surveyed said they would use their smartphones for price comparisons when making online purchases, compared with 43 percent from the rest of the world. This makes a lot of sense in China, since prices between retail stores on the mainland and online can differ greatly.

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