Trending in China: Jack Ma's Mass Power in Detroit, Vogue Film Premiere

    Jack Ma's Detroit outing and Vogue China's film series are among several trending topics on China's social media that luxury brands should know about.
    Tom Ford and Zhang Ziyi. Image via Vogue's official Weibo account.
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    Here are some topics and stories that Chinese consumers are talking about on the country's social media platforms such as Weibo, WeChat and the mainstream news websites.

    Image via Alibaba's official Weibo account
    Image via Alibaba's official Weibo account

    1. Alibaba's Jack Ma Is Causing Flights to Detroit To be Sold Out#

    Trending on Weibo is an article on Alibaba's first overseas summit in Detroit. The post, published on Sina's Finance Channel, claims that small business owners of America are flocking to Detroit to rub elbows with the hugely popular Jack Ma, causing domestic flights and hotels to be overbooked. "Alibaba is heading one step further to the world," wrote one Weibo commenter named Natural Sky. But many readers also question the logic of attributing overbooked flights and hotels to the influence of Ma.

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    2. Vogue Film China Premiere#

    Over the past week, a great number of fashion-related influencer accounts on Weibo pushed out posts about fashion films produced by Vogue China in collaboration with many luxury fashion brands and popular celebrities. On June 16, the fashion magazine also threw a grand premiere party for the launch of the film series in Shanghai. As a warm-up, Vogue China invited the fashion designer Tom Ford and the Hollywood star Zhang Ziyi (who wore a Tom Ford outfit) to be on the cover of the magazine's June edition.

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    3. This 17-year-old Boy Band Member Debuted at a Dolce & Gabbana Runway Show#

    Junkai "Karry" Wang, the member of the popular Chinese boy band "TFBoys," was officially invited by designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana—of the Italian label Dolce & Gabbana—to walk on the brand's runway show at 2018 Spring/Summer Milan Fashion Week. It was the first time that Karry Wang, who opened the show, had modeled for an internationally renowned fashion brand. The collaboration also indicates that D&G's is angling to attract more millennial consumers in the vibrant Chinese market.

    4. CEO of Leading E-Commerce Giant Says His Company Will Be Lead Logistics Provider in the Future#

    Liu Qiangdong, the CEO of China's largest e-commerce firm, told China's Central Television in an interview, that JD and SF Express would become the country's major logistics providers in the future. Many commenters have challenged Liu's bold prediction, while some naysayers said should first focus on improving its service.

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    5. The Cover of Harper's Bazaar's July Edition Attracts the Online Community's Attention#

    Apart from all the attention Harper's Bazaar got recently when its WeChat account was shut down by the Chinese internet regulators, the fashion magazine is trending again on Weibo because of its July cover, which features Chinese actress Zhao Liying. Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man shot the cover, which plays on themes related to a character that Zhao played in a popular ongoing TV series, "Princess Agents." Thanks to the success of the drama as well as Zhao's huge fan base, the new cover is now trending on Weibo.

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