Icicle, Shanghai Museum reimagine ancient art in 2024

    Icicle partners with the Shanghai Museum to launch a collection inspired by a Song Dynasty’s masterpiece, blending ancient Chinese art with modern fashion.
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    Icicle has once again partnered with the Shanghai Museum to create a special collection inspired by the ancient charm of the famous Lotus Pond with Ducks (莲塘乳鸭图) silk tapestry painting. This collaboration features silk crêpe de chine craftsmanship to capture the beauty of Chinese art, aligning with the brand's ethos of the "unity of Heaven and humanity" philosophy in traditional Chinese culture.

    The inspiration for this collection comes from the aforementioned silk tapestry masterpiece Lotus Pond with Ducks. Given the lengthy production time and preservation challenges of such tapestries, Icicle utilized high-definition imaging to replicate the artwork in its clothing designs, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and rustic beauty.

    The inspiration for the Icicle x Shanghai Museum collaboration comes from the museum's treasured silk tapestry work. Photo: Icicle
    The inspiration for the Icicle x Shanghai Museum collaboration comes from the museum's treasured silk tapestry work. Photo: Icicle

    Netizens’ Reaction#

    While the campaign hashtag "Icicle x Shanghai Museum" garnered a modest 14,800 views on Xiaohongshu, its reach was targeted towards the brand’s dedicated followers and consumers. On June 13, Icicle launched the collection via a livestream on Xiaohongshu, partnering with the brand’s Key Opinion Salespersons like @Erjie and @BunnyShen to showcase the new collection, which generated organic engagement and comments from their followers.


    Earlier this year, Icicle began its first collaboration with the Shanghai Museum, launching a collection inspired by ancient bronze vessels in February. As art, culture, and design have long been integral to Icicle’s identity, the partnership with a local art and history institution is a natural extension of its brand culture rooted in Chinese philosophy and aesthetics.

    More importantly, the design of the latest collection not only draws from the brushstrokes of ancient paintings but also incorporates Chinese silk craftsmanship. This comprehensive approach to traditional Chinese art and culture underscores Icicle’s commitment to preserving Chinese heritage with a modern twist.

    In addition to product development, Icicle’s retail strategy demonstrates a keen understanding of consumer insights. In May, the brand’s parent company ICCF unveiled its new retail space ICCF Garden, on Hengshan Road, Shanghai. This space features not only retail areas for Icicle and Carven but also includes a restaurant, a cafe, and an art gallery, offering immersive experiences for visitors.

    As one of the few Chinese premium fashion brands with global recognition, Icicle is challenging stereotypes associated with "made in China" products, showcasing an authentic approach to cultural heritage and modern innovation.

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