Hugo Boss Goes High-Tech For 3D “New Dimension Beijing” Fashion Show

    Coming a little over a year after Burberry's game-changing fashion bash in Beijing, which included virtual image technology combining live models, holograms and live-streaming, on May 18 Hugo Boss is set to launch its 3D "New Dimension Beijing" event.
    BOSS Black "New Dimension Beijing"
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    Brand To Go 3D Online, Through iPhone Apps & Social Networks#

    Coming a little over a year after Burberry's game-changing fashion bash in Beijing, which included virtual image technology combining live models, holograms and live-streaming via, on May 18 Hugo Boss is set to launch its 3D "

    New Dimension Beijing#

    " event. For the "BOSS Black Fashion Show," Hugo Boss will showcase its A/W 2012 BOSS Black collection at a live runway show and via a live-stream on in 3D, and optimize the show for iPhone apps and social media networks. In the run-up to the event at the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, to be hosted by Patrice Bouédibéla and Wang Yi-zhi, Hugo Boss is providing free "BOSS Black" 3D glasses, which can be ordered via or, and through Facebook and Sina Weibo, as well as at some Hugo Boss stores worldwide.

    In addition to its official microsite, Hugo Boss will integrate the runway show with all of its social networking accounts, including FacebookTwitterYoutubeInstagramGoogle+PinterestSina Weibo and Youku. BOSS is also promoting a Twitter "video diary" by "Miss Hugo Boss," revealing behind-the-scenes glimpses at the upcoming show through the "Way to Beijing" series. To ensure Chinese viewers can check out the series, Hugo Boss is posting the videos on its Weibo account as well. Looking to tap the growing mobile viewer market in China, BOSS is launching a special localized mobile site at

    Also in the run-up to the event, Facebook and Sina Weibo fans in China, France, Germany, the US, UK, Denmark and Sweden can enter the BOSS Black Sweepstakes for a chance to win a trip to Beijing and attend the live runway show.

    As Hugo Boss CEO, Claus-Dietriech Lahrs, said, “This is a very special event to premiere a wonderful collection. The fact that the show is being shared digitally and in 3D makes it an ideal fit for the up-and-coming Asian market.”

    While not quite as deeply integrated with Chinese social media as last year's Burberry Beijing event, the equal footing on which Hugo Boss is placing the likes of Facebook and Sina Weibo (and involving newer platforms like Pinterest) for "New Dimension Beijing" is an interesting move, in terms of digital marketing strategy. Aiming for a truly global audience for the live-stream as well as the sweepstakes, this indicates that brands like BOSS are looking at China in a broader global context rather than a single market in which to localize marketing. (As opposed to Burberry, which focused heavily on Chinese social media platforms like Jiepang, KaixinDoubanYouku and Sina Weibo.) Additionally, getting potential viewers involved by providing branded 3D glasses should play well in China, where -- as Jing Daily has regularly noted -- consumers are wild for freebies. Though runway shows in themselves aren't anything new in China, this will definitely be one to watch.

    BOSS Black Fashion Show Beijing#

    3D Livestream on and
    May 18, 2012
    8:45 AM Eastern US time, 2:45 PM CET, 8:45 PM Beijing Time

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