How NFT brands win Gen Z watch collectors, plus more Web3 drops

    The roundup and verdict on the latest Web3, AI, and digital fashion drops.
    Photo: Casio

    All eyes were on Paris this week for NFT Paris and the Future Fashion Summit, marking one of the most important seasons of the year for Web3. The opportunity hasn’t gone unnoticed by brands, with Wrangler, Prada, and Sephora flocking to the city to court the tech-savvy crowd.

    In other news this week, Zero10 has teamed up with Clo3D to help nurture the new vanguard of creative talent, while Doodles has partnered with Casio to tap into the current Gen Z watch collector frenzy.

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    Doodles x Casio unveil new G-Shock collaboration#

    What happened: Fun-loving NFT project Doodles has partnered with Casio to release a limited-edition G-Shock watch, along with digital collectibles and other physical merchandise. The collaboration was initially unveiled via a physical pop-up in Tokyo on February 9 before going live online on February 15. Items for sale include a G-Shock watch in a special mint-blue colorway, hats, and a vinyl that quickly sold out after its release.

    The verdict: With a recent BCG survey reporting that 54 percent of Gen Z respondents had increased their spending on luxury watches since 2021, Casio G-Shock has reinvigorated its digital strategy to cater to a younger audience. This tie-up with Doodles aims to appeal to Gen Z fanatics who share the common interests of Web3 and watch collecting.

    Last year, Doodles set off on a mission to expand its reputation beyond the crypto market and into the pop zeitgeist. Recognizing that its pastel-toned, animated IP can be applied to more than the NFT and PFP domains, the project is cementing itself as a reputable, multi-faceted brand through a strong collaboration strategy, both with its previous Crocs collaboration and now with Casio.

    Zero10 is empowering the next wave of fashion designers alongside Clo3D and Stanford University. Photo: Zero10
    Zero10 is empowering the next wave of fashion designers alongside Clo3D and Stanford University. Photo: Zero10

    Zero10 teams up with Clo3D to empower next generation of fashion creatives#

    What happened: Stanford FashionX, a Stanford University organization dedicated to fashion innovation, has partnered again with ZERO10 and 3D software developer Clo3D to support the development of a new collection created by the next generation of designers. The project, titled “ARchitecture,” features the works of nine budding creatives, which were showcased in an interactive runway-meets-gallery show on February 20. Each participant was tasked with crafting a zero-waste, 3D design that could be virtually tried on.

    The verdict: After cementing itself as a leader in augmented reality and virtual try-on technology, Zero10 is now using its industry status to empower the future wave of multidisciplinary designers. The supplier joins a roster of fashion institutions, such as Parsons School of Design and Istituto Marangoni, in investing in virtual design education and toolkits as the industry moves towards a more cross-dimensional future.

    While esteemed schools are showing more openness to teaching digital fashion, roadblocks remain. As Leslie Holden penned in his Jing Meta Insider op-ed, “One of the primary challenges in transitioning towards a more digital curriculum in higher education lies in the proficiency of the teaching team. Although an increasing number of academics are engaging in research and producing papers on digital fashion, there is a critical need for a clear and collective vision among educators.”

    Yoox Net-A-Porter group is deepening its virtual try-on offerings. Photo: Yoox Net-A-Porter
    Yoox Net-A-Porter group is deepening its virtual try-on offerings. Photo: Yoox Net-A-Porter

    Yoox Net-A-Porter launches virtual try-on solution for Mr Porter#

    What happened: Luxury fashion conglomerate Yoox Net-A-Porter has launched a virtual try-on pilot for Mr Porter’s private menswear label, Mr P. Using a 3D avatar that realistically mirrors their own measurements, consumers can more accurately visualize how a garment will fit and look on them by inputting their clothing sizes from their favorite fashion brands. The size simulator tool has been rolled out for 90 styles across the Mr P. Permanent collection, accounting for 70 percent of the range.

    The verdict: The virtual try-on market is poised to grow at an impressive pace over the next six years, promising high-yielding payoffs for brands and retailers that get in early. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global virtual fitting room arena (which covers everything from virtual mirrors to mobile AR applications and 3D body scanners) reached $4.8 billion in 2023 and will grow by more than 20 percent through 2030.

    Over the past two years, the Yoox Net-A-Porter group has focused on launching 3D asset trials for fine watches and accessories. The retailer states that virtual try-on is the next phase of the business’ 3D strategy.

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