How To Put Big Data To Work For Your Brand In China

    "Big data" is the marketing buzzword of 2013, and a new interview with an expert from Acxiom aims to cut through the hype to see what it truly means for business success in China.
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    We’ve been hearing a lot about how 2013 is the year of “big data” when it comes to marketing analysis, but how can it really be put to good use? This week’s Thoughtful China interviews Managing Director for Asia-Pacific at Acxiom Frederic Jouve to hear his thoughts on the true usefulness of this analytical tool.

    According to him, “I think big data is very hyped. At the core of that is, again, the understanding of the consumer and being capable of first linking all the information so that you have a single customer. Then second, being able to derive insight, because raw data has absolutely zero value. It’s being able to derive those insights.”

    Watch the video above to hear more of his insights on CRM, mobile marketing, and privacy practices when it comes to collecting user data in China.

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