How To Leverage China’s Online Video KOLs For Powerful Branded Content

    Top China digital marketing experts discuss how user-generated content can be highly effective for a successful video marketing campaign.
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    Online video marketing can be a powerful tool to engage consumers, especially when paired with social media. However, in China, the online video marketplace is highly competitive, with around 10 different platforms vying for the type of dominance that YouTube has in the United States.

    This week’s Thoughtful China episode interviews digital marketing experts Jon Cook, Ali Kazmi, Scott Pollack, Clement Tsang and Chris Tung on best practices for creating content to engage Chinese customers, identifying and leveraging online video KOLs, and evaluating success.

    One major branding boost discussed is conducting marketing campaigns with user-generated content, or UGC. “The opportunity with UGC, or co-creation, is the brands get to create a platform for users to play with you. The brand message will be much more powerful, much more relevant, to the customer and their friends,” says Chris Tung, the CEO of China marketing firm im2.0. Watch the video above to hear all the expert insights on this rapidly developing area of marketing.

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