How These 6 Brands Looked Beyond Love This Valentine’s Day

    For luxury brands this year, Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns mainly used a soft power approach due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.
    This year’s Valentine’s Day marketing campaign’s mainly used a soft power approach due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Photo: Courtesy of Bvlgari
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    Valentine’s Day, which follows the Chinese Lunar New Year, used to be a battleground where jewelry, beauty, and fashion brands fought to build hype and drive sales. This year, however, launching a Valentine’s Day campaign in China turned out to be tricky proposition amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

    Given that the majority of Chinese citizens are still under quarantine and few brick-and-mortar stores remain open, brands poured their marketing creativity via digital channels to reach consumers.

    Here are 6 innovative Valentine’s Day digital campaigns launched in China that delivered effective messages and engaged local consumers.


    Bvlgari’s Valentine’s Day initiative started before the spreading of the Covid-19 virus. The jewelry house kicked off the campaign with a WeChat post titled, “It’s Time to Prepare Surprises” on January 22, releasing a special edition of their Serpenti Forever collection on its Mini Program. As the big day approached, however, Bvlgari did not advocate celebrating relationships. Instead, it opted for a low-key approach on social media, that Valentine’s Day was just another day while highlighting the preciousness of the ordinary.


    Prada’s WeChat account sent out a Valentine’s Day push, translating a message of love that echo the brand’s personality. Underlining that the 18-carat gold and diamonds were selected from suppliers with Responsible Jewelry Council certification. The campaign aimed to promote their newly-released fine jewelry collection, while reiterating the brand's social responsibilities on all occasions without referring to the virus directly.

    Louis Vuitton#

    LVMH’s star brand Louis Vuitton aimed to provide an omni-channel shopping experience through various digital channels, including its WeChat Mini Program and its official website. This Valentine’s Day, the luxury house launched an exclusive Mini Program featuring curated gift recommendations. Similar to other luxury players, Louis Vuitton extended the spectrum of love from individuals to the collective in the campaign, demonstrating the support and solidarity towards their Chinese customers.

    Fenty Beauty#

    The inclusive beauty brand, Fenty Beauty, has been leveraging digital channels in China, as the line has not been able to create a physical presence on the mainland, without compromising its commitment to cruelty-free products. This Valentine’s Day, the LVMH-backed fashion house showcased its talent and power via digital marketing again. Featuring three “love letters,” the brand shared hand-written notes and voice messages from their Greater China Brand Ambassador, Fan Chenchen, the spokesperson Wang Ju, and the fashion influencer, Mia Kong. The personal letters reflected the brand’s active involvement in the crisis, which fastened the connection with the customers.


    Mo&Co., one of the most successful women’s wear brands in China, is deeply rooted with millennials. So was its digital marketing campaign. Inspired by the quagmire of long-term relationships under quarantine, the brand’s WeChat post spotlighted text message conversations between a couple, visualizing the scenarios of virtual shopping, virtual dates, virtual party, virtual work-outs, and work-from-home — all of which are now daily life for so many, many Chinese citizens — and recommending appropriate outfits for different occasions. Alongside the engaging content, the label provided lightning deals on a daily basis.


    The homegrown cashmere company, Erdos Group, has seen a noticeable strategic transition over the past few years. Erdos, one the five sublines of the firm, has been an expert in communicating with local millennial consumers. In this year’s Valentine’s Day campaign, the brand chanted a slogan “love is the cure” to deliver the prospect for the upcoming spring when the virus is expected to reach a turning point. Erdos also took advantage of this occasion to promote its new styles for the next season.

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