How Do China Market Researchers Acquire Their Data?

    If you've ever wondered exactly how Chinese consumer studies arrive at their findings, a new video by Thoughtful China takes an in-depth look at several experts' methodologies.
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    Brands in China are continuously presented with an almost overwhelming amount of market research data declared to be essential to their business strategies. However, in order to properly interpret findings, it is critical for companies to understand how researchers come by this data. Thoughtful China is out with a new video this week asking several market experts about their research processes and data collection methods.

    "The need for relevant, timely, accurate, trusted information has never been so critical for companies as it is now," states Bruce Wells of Vision Critical Asia in the video embedded above. Topics discussed by him and others include "the role technology is playing to improve market research methodologies, the best indicators to measure consumer trends, and mistakes advertisers make in how they evaluate research."

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