How China's Love For Gaming Can Boost Brand Engagement

    China is one of the world's largest markets for online and mobile gaming, which means that there are big marketing opportunities for brands that understand how to reach users.
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    As one of the world’s largest markets for online and mobile gaming, China will have 266 million gamers by 2015. Like any other form of popular entertainment, this presents big opportunities for brands if they have the right strategy to reach their intended demographic. That’s why a recent episode of Thoughtful China sat down with several China marketing experts to discuss how companies can create brand engagement through gaming.

    “Gamers accept if they are going to play for free they are going to have to be opened to advertising, [but] they do not want to have a big brand push at them. The game first and foremost has to be a game, so it really needs to be gaming first and foremost, and a brand-engaging opportunity second,” says Liam Winston, managing partner at Chinese app developer Mobile Now Group in the video embedded above.

    Watch the full episode to hear the experts' thoughts on what China's gaming craze means for brands' digital marketing strategies.

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