How Brands Can Form A Coherent Social Marketing Strategy In China

    Companies in China should view social media marketing as one component of a holistic branding strategy, according to experts in a new video interview.
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    When it comes to marketing on Chinese social media, it’s not enough for brands to simply remain active on popular platforms without planning how this activity fits in with their overall identity and message.

    In this week’s episode of Thoughtful China, JWT Asia CEO Tom Doctoroff and Ken Hong, Weibo’s general manager of marketing strategy, discuss the need for brands in China to create social strategies in tandem with a holistic marketing campaign.

    “I am a huge believer that what we need to do in this era of consumer empowerment is align what I call traditional or timeless top-down marketing, which is about message clarity and clear brand positioning, with bottom-up, [which] is all about consumer empowerment and is largely fueled with technology,” says Doctoroff. “Often times, these two exist in different domains, but our challenge is to align them.” Watch the video embedded above for the full interview with the experts.

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