Hong Kong Tops List Of Chinese Travelers’ Golden Week Destinations

    A new survey of the main locales visited during the Chinese travel week shows that Asia dominated all but one of the top 10.
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    Hong Kong. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Hong Kong was the main destination for Chinese tourists during the recently concluded Golden Week, according to the results of a new survey published by The survey also finds that among the top 10 destinations, Las Vegas was the only one outside of East or Southeast Asia to make the list.

    The following list shows the top 10 locations for Chinese travelers during the holiday week:

    1. Hong Kong
    2. Seoul
    3. Taipei
    4. Bangkok
    5. Las Vegas
    6. Tokyo
    7. Singapore
    8. Hangzhou
    9. Koh Samui
    10. Osaka

    East and Southeast Asia dominate the list, showing that proximity, cost, and easy access are important when travelers only have a week off. Hong Kong’s slot as number one is no surprise: it’s much easier to access than foreign countries, and much lower prices on luxury goods than on the mainland attract a massive influx of shoppers.

    Thailand continues to gain in popularity among Chinese tourists, with both Bangkok and Koh Samui on the list. The smash hit film Lost in Thailand has been having a positive effect on Chinese tourism to the country, as has the fact that Thailand has decided to scrap its 30 percent luxury tax in order to compete with places like Hong Kong for shoppers.

    Hangzhou was the only mainland city to make the list. The lure of its iconic West Lake has become apparent to retailers and hoteliers alike, who have been quickly expanding into the city.

    Meanwhile, one surprising outlier was Las Vegas. Although it was the only non-Asian location on the list, the gambling center of the United States topped not only many closer and easier-to-reach locales, but also beat out Macau, which typically sees an estimated five times more revenue than its American counterpart. It is possible that Las Vegas made the list and Macau didn't because a huge chunk of Macau’s revenue comes from high rollers, but this is changing as the global gambling locale goes more middle-class.

    This list will be of particular interest to retailers mapping out a global expansion plan as many brands are looking to follow the paths taken by Chinese tourists.

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