Gucci’s Shanghai spectacle: Ancora campaign reveals SS24 collection

    The Italian fashion house is betting on driving the brand to its next stage, with a strong dedication to the Chinese market.
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    In a dazzling display of style and innovation, Gucci seized the streets of the Zhang Yuan neighborhood in Shanghai, on March 11, transforming the historical landscape with the launch of its Ancora campaign.

    Amid the picturesque setting of reinvented commercial properties, creative director Sabato De Sarno unveiled his inaugural Spring/Summer 2024 collection to an exclusive gathering of VIPs, brand ambassadors, and friends of the house.

    The festivities continue as the venue is opened to the public from today through March 17, inviting guests to immerse themselves in an art project curated by the illustrious X Zhu-Nowell, artistic director of the Rockbund Art Museum. A publication entitled Gucci Prospettive: Shanghai Ancora edited by the artistic talent, was also launched, taking readers on a journey into the heart of Gucci's creative vision.

    The brand presents an art exhibition featuring Gucci Ancora curated by the X Zhu-Nowell, artistic director of the Rockbund Art Museum. Photo: Gucci
    The brand presents an art exhibition featuring Gucci Ancora curated by the X Zhu-Nowell, artistic director of the Rockbund Art Museum. Photo: Gucci

    Expanding its footprint beyond Shanghai, Gucci simultaneously introduced physical pop-up spaces in Chengdu, Beijing, and Shenzhen, signaling a nationwide celebration of the house’s new identity.

    On March 12, De Sarno visited Donghua University, renowned for its prowess in fashion education, for a thought-provoking discussion moderated by Angelica Cheung, Venture Partner of Hongshan Capital and former Editor-in-Chief of Vogue China. The panel aimed to ignite the passions of the next generation of fashion aficionados.

    Netizens’ reactions#

    Social media buzzed with excitement as Gucci's campaign hashtags, including "Gucci Ancora" and "Ancora Red," generated 740 million views on Weibo. Celebrity endorsements, strategic social ads, paid content, and eye-catching out-of-home advertising converged to captivate online audiences, catapulting Gucci into the digital spotlight.

    With its bold brand hue and captivating activations, Gucci's Ancora campaign under De Sarno's creative stewardship left an indelible mark on local audiences, sparking fervent engagement and anticipation. Yet, the journey to redefine Gucci's brand image among Chinese consumers has only just begun.


    The stakes are high for Gucci as it navigates a critical juncture in its evolution, as evidenced by Kering's 2023 full-year results. Despite a 6 percent decrease in revenue, Gucci's strategic pivot under De Sarno's leadership holds promise for rejuvenation and growth.

    The creative director’s China visit underscores Gucci’s commitment to fostering cultural exchanges and strengthening ties with its discerning clientele. The visit also symbolizes a declaration of China's strategic importance, as Gucci sets its sights on capturing the hearts and minds of Chinese fashion enthusiasts.

    While Gucci's dedication to the market is undisputed, local tastemakers yearn for a narrative that transcends traditional storytelling paradigms; they call for innovation, inclusivity, and decentralization in the brand's approach.

    • Gucci's Ancora campaign in Shanghai showcased a fusion of heritage and innovation, redefining the historical landscape with style and creativity.
    • The campaign's multidimensional approach, from exclusive unveilings to public art projects, engaged both VIPs and the broader audience, marking a significant cultural event.
    • While Gucci's strategic pivot in China holds promise for rejuvenation and growth, local tastemakers advocate for innovation and inclusivity to elevate the brand's narrative and resonate with evolving consumer expectations.
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