Gucci & CCTF Hold Charity Event In Beijing

    This week, teamed up with the China Children and Teenager's Fund (CCTF), PPR-owned Italian fashion house Gucci held a grand charity dinner party at Beijing's Great Hall of the People.
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    Gucci Reveals CSR Plans At Charity Event#

    Gucci charitable party in Beijing (Image: ELLE)

    This week, teaming up with the China Children and Teenager's Fund (CCTF), the PPR-owned Italian fashion house Gucci held a charity dinner party at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. Meant to coincide with Gucci's 90th year, the event also celebrated the 30th anniversary of CCTF.

    The charity event was attended by the chairman and CEO of the PPR Group, François-Henri Pinault; PPR Asia Pacific CEO, Deng Wanying; the chairman of CCTF, Chen Zhili; representatives from CCTF and Tsinghua University; PPR business partners in China and other charitable organizations. Chinese celebrities in attendance included actor Huang Xiaoming, actress Li Bingbing, actress Zhang Jingchu, Hong Kong actress Yang Caini and the Hong Kong model Qiqi, as well as many artists and fashion fixtures from the Greater China region.

    As Gucci's principle charitable affiliation in China, the Gucci/CCTF program will help establish five Medical Training and Treatment Centers in different cities - one per year over the next five years, Mr. Pinault announced at the dinner party. Pinault added that Gucci, through its CSR programs, is dedicated to making a long-term positive social impact on Chinese society.

    Gucci and CCTF began their initial collaboration in 2008. Since then, the fashion house has donated more than 12 million yuan (US$1.87 million) to CCTF. In addition to their financial assistance, Gucci also enthusiastically supports a series of public activities sponsored by CCTF to help children with a range of eye-related ailments.

    Li Bingbing attends Gucci party (Image: ELLE)

    Huang Xiaoming attends Gucci charitable party (Image: ELLE)

    Yang Caini attended Gucci charitable party (Image: ELLE)

    Zhang Jingchu attended Gucci charitable party (Image: ELLE)

    Ballet artist Tan Yuanyuan attended Gucci charitable party (Image: f-paper)

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