Guangzhou Goes Gucci (Again): Italian Luxury Brand To Re-Debut At La Perle

    Guangzhou has been without a Gucci store since 2004, when the Italian luxury brand left the city to focus on other emerging markets.
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    Gucci Withdrew From Guangzhou In 2004, Has Experienced Delays In Returning#

    Gucci currently operates 31 stores throughout China (Image: Luxuo)

    After a nearly seven year hiatus, Gucci is set to re-enter Guangzhou with a new store at the city's La Perle luxury mall. Originally situated alongside other major brands like Louis Vuitton at the Guangzhou Marriott, in 2004 the opening of La Perle caused a sort of mass exodus to the glittering new mall, yet Gucci chose to hold off, instead leaving the city entirely to focus on expansion elsewhere. In the ensuing years, a series of missteps has continued to plague the Italian brand's grand re-entry into this lucrative market. As early as 2006, Gucci was looking to re-open at Guangzhou's Grandbuy Mall, but as a mall representative told, "many international luxury brands have very specific demands when looking to open a dedicated shop, and at that time Grandbuy had no way to meet Gucci's needs."

    Since 2006, several high-end malls in Guangzhou have fruitlessly negotiated with Gucci to open a location. According to the brand, Guangzhou's lack of a well-defined market has been the main factor in its seven-year hiatus. However, this is changing, and Gucci appears to have been adequately enticed by the city's potential, as Chinese-language reports indicate that a Gucci store is currently being built on the ground level at La Perle. Although mall representatives declined to give further details, they confirmed Gucci will soon "re-debut" in a 800 square meter location previously occupied by Bvlgari. This will be Gucci's 32nd dedicated location in China.

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