Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Opens In South China

    From the world-class MixC shopping complex to Park Lane Manor, the most exclusive residential property in the city, Shenzhen looks to be catching up to its more cosmopolitan counterparts in east China.
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    Next Door To Shenzhen's Largest Mall, MixC, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen Brings World-Class Accommodations To Thriving Business District#

    Despite the fact that it's one of China's youngest cities (having been a backwater fishing village as recently as the late 1970s), due to its proximity to Hong Kong and access to the Pearl River Delta Shenzhen has quickly become one of the country's most bustling commercial hubs. In Shenzhen's Luohu district, the city's financial and trading center, over the past few years the city's wealthy beneficiaries of South China's economic boom have enjoyed a vast array of newly constructed entertainment, shopping and residential areas.

    From the world-class MixC shopping complex -- the largest mall in Shenzhen, featuring hundreds of stores including dozens of western luxury brands as well as an Olympic-sized skating rink -- to Park Lane Manor, the most exclusive residential property in the city, Shenzhen looks to be catching up to its more cosmopolitan counterparts in east China.

    This week, there is a new kid on the block in Luohu district -- the Grand Hyatt Shenzhen. Located next door to MixC in Shenzhen's City Crossing commercial area, the hotel is housed in a distinctive 38-story crested building, offering panoramic views of Shenzhen, the CRC Building, the iconic Diwang Building (one of the tallest buildings in China), and the green mountains of northern Hong Kong. For a major Chinese city -- many of which have the reputation for occasional smog or dust storms -- Shenzhen's clear skies and natural beauty will give guests a rare chance to simply sit and enjoy the view.

    The Grand Hyatt features a number of amenities welcome both to visiting Chinese businesspeople and non-Chinese tourists or business travelers. The lantern-esque entertainment hub at the building’s summit houses a contemporary art-filled Sky Lobby (the only one in Shenzhen), as well several Japanese, Chinese, and Western restaurants. The guest rooms, richly appointed with features like spa-style marble bathrooms housing rain-showers and separate bathtubs, automatic time-controlled curtains, and self-contained workstations, are designed to make guests feel at home -- albeit a very luxurious home.

    According to General Manager Peter Chau, Hyatt was attracted to Shenzhen's vibrancy when looking to debut its Grand Hyatt brand in South China:

    “With our advantageous location and eight innovative and exciting restaurants and bars, we hope to redefine the art of dining and entertainment in Shenzhen, while establishing our hotel as the favored gathering point for local residents and international guests alike.”


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