From The Maldives To Mountains: LUX* Resorts Makes Yunnan Debut

    Previously dedicated exclusively to beach resorts, LUX* heads to the historic city of Lijiang to deliver luxurious lodging to China's growing contingent of adventure-oriented travelers.
    LUX* Resorts & Hotels is building a new resort in the historic city of Lijiang, a change from their usual coastline resorts. (LUX*)
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    LUX* Resorts & Hotels is building a new resort in the historic city of Lijiang, a change from the company's usual coastline resorts. (LUX*)

    Taking a break from the balmy beaches of the Maldives, Mauritius-based luxury hotel chain LUX* Resorts & Hotels announced this week in a press release its plans to open a new resort in the historic town of Lijiang, Yunnan, in southwest China. Starting this year in September, LUX* plans to create a series of properties starting in Lijiang that take guests on a journey up the Tea Horse Road, an ancient tea trade route, all the way to Tibet.

    The Lijiang project comprises two phases in the heart of Lijiang Ancient Town. Phase one contains 10 rooms and will open on September 9. Phase two, with 20 rooms, will open in mid-2015 and will incorporate the brand's signature bakery Café LUX*, as well as localized well-being facilities such as spas and yoga centers, which are part of the LUX* Me well-being philosophy.

    The LUX* Lijiang will encourage guests to engage with the history, culture, and architecture of the nearby Naxi ethnic group through the resort’s opportunities to experience Pu’er tea rituals and Naxi cuisine.

    The LUX* Lijiang resort will introduce guests to the nearby Naxi ethnic culture and traditional Pu'er tea rituals. (LUX*)

    LUX* decided to break into China after its huge success with Chinese tourists at its beach resorts in Mauritius, Reunion Island, and the Maldives. The press release says that LUX*’s decision to develop a mountain resort is to give Chinese tourists an option away from increasingly similar coastline resorts.

    "China's economic progress, continued stability and the growing ease of travel have made the continent increasingly attractive to trend-setting travelers who are looking for unspoiled destinations rich in original and genuine experiences,” says Paul Jones, CEO of LUX* Resorts & Hotels in the press release. “As a young and dynamic organization, we have determined to grow our brand presence in China and to open a window onto one of China's most spectacular and untouched wonders: the Tea Horse Road. Thanks to our partnership with the Lijiang Yulong Tourism Corporation Ltd., this ambition will become reality.”

    "Having a proven track record in delighting sophisticated luxury travelers from around the world, we are delighted to announce our cooperation with LUX* Resorts and Hotels,” says He Xianzhong, chairman of Lijiang Tourism Corporation Ltd.. “Together, we are going to chart a new chapter in the history of tourism and hospitality in the legendary region of Greater Shangri-La. We are proud today to be opening LUX* Lijiang, the first stop in what we intend to become one of the great journeys of the world."

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