From 'Bling Kings' to 'Aficionados': Understanding China's Mass Affluent Males

    Jing Daily x Carat's new mini report illustrates how luxury brands can better target their content to influence a major consumer base on WeChat.
    China's mass affluent class males are between 25 and 40 years old and have more refined and varied tastes compared to previous generations.
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    As WeChat becomes a marketing fixture for international luxury brands, it's now more important than ever for companies to tailor their content to specific groups to reach a loyal following. Jing Daily x Carat's latest report relays how to do this with one of the biggest segments of affluent social media users in China: a new generation of young, wealthy males. In

    “How to Impress China's Mass Affluent Males,”#

    Jing Daily x Carat take a closer look at China's “mass affluent class” or M.A.C., males and illustrate what they like to read, their interests, hobbies, preferred online video genres, and how they view entrepreneurship.

    In this new mini report, brands can gain insight into the diverse ways M.A.C. males consume media and how brands can meet their expectations through inspiration and experiences. To do this, Jing Daily x Carat has broken up the market into five distinct groups:


    This fashionable group is 1.6 million strong and embraces entrepreneurship to make consumers' lives easier. They don't easily buy into online advertising.


    This group is made up of about 1 million males who are established in their careers and whose tastes are “sophisticated and refined.”


    These men are open to experimenting with new technology and fashion trends, but are generally more discerning when it comes to impressing others.


    About 1.7 million men are considered to be aspirational and more spontaneous when it comes to consumption.

    Bling Kings#

    The name says it all—“Bling Kings” are often loud and showy, and their consumption habits reflect a desire to impress through a more materialistic lifestyle.

    Recognizing these traits can be critical for luxury brands who want to cater to this increasingly sophisticated male consumer. To learn more,

    click here to download the free report#


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