Ferragamo Flagship In Shanghai To Be Its Largest Location In Asia

    Ferragamo will commemorate the opening of their new flagship store in Shanghai by offering a limited-edition China-only handbag, sure to become a collector's item.
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    680 Sq.M. Store Set To Open Next Month At Shanghai International Financial Center#

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    It looks like Coach will have to fight a little harder for press coverage when it opens its flagship store in Shanghai next month, as the Italian fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo is set to open its own flagship store in Shanghai's International Finance Center (IFC). Not only will Ferragamo's location open around the same time as Coach's, it'll be a good deal larger -- 680 square meters (7,320 sq. feet) vs. Coach's 650 (6,997 sq. feet), Ferragamo's largest store in the entire Asia-Pacific region.

    From Hexun's luxury channel, via Vogue China (translation by Jing Daily team):

    The classic Italian luxury brand Salvatore Ferragamo will hold the grand opening of its flagship store at Shanghai's International Finance Center at the end of April.

    The 680 sq. meter Shanghai IFC flagship will uphold the elegant and graceful design concept promoted by the brand. As the largest specialized Ferragamo store in the entire Asia-Pacific region, this all-new shopping space will carry the brand's full line of in-store and online products. The store will also include China's first and only "Creation Corner," which will carry the Ferragamo museum collection -- the "Creation Collection."

    To celebrate the grand opening of this flagship store, Ferragamo will sell a specially-designed limited edition handbag, which is certain to be a collector's item.

    It appears that someone at Ferragamo has been paying attention to recent studies on Chinese luxury consumer trends. As many China luxury industry experts have pointed out in recent months, Chinese luxury shoppers want to see luxury brands offering their entire lines in their mainland stores -- rather than selected bits of old merchandise -- and limited-edition, China-only items are always a hit.

    It'll be interesting to see which grand opening gets more attention next month. We'll wait to give a judgment until we find out what exactly Coach has planned for their event.

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