Featuring Qiu Hao, Shanghai Fashion Week Rises To New Level

    With notable Chinese designers such as Qiu Hao presenting their collections, Shanghai Fashion Week steps up its game.
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    Award-Winning Designer's Runway Show Sets High Standards#

    Qiu Hao's Shanghai Fashion Week 2013 runway show. (Shanghai Style File)

    The recently-completed Shanghai Fashion Week appears to have stepped up its game this year, featuring notable Chinese designers previously covered by Jing Daily such as La Vie and Helen Lee. Qiu Hao, one of the week's standouts, had fashion blogs buzzing with rave reviews.

    "Well constructed, perfectly styled and beautifully presented, Qiu Hao’s Shanghai Fashion Week show left us breathless," said Marianna Cerini at China fashion site AnyWearStyle. "All around a stunning show that elevates SFW to an international level," commented fashion blog Shanghai Style File.

    Previously listed as one of Jing Daily's emerging designers to watch, the internationally-recognized avant-garde designer has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Woolmark Prize that has gone to the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Donna Karan, and Giorgio Armani. He was also named by Forbes as one of the top 25 most important people in the Chinese fashion industry.

    The designer's strong showing at Shanghai Fashion Week may contribute to continued recognition of Chinese designers and the increased status of China as a center for fashion innovators.

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