Fashion News: Supermodel Liu Wen’s Official Debut As Estée Lauder Spokeswoman; <i>Vogue</i>'s Growing Interest In China

    Liu Wen has been busy over the past few weeks, having twice been feted in Beijing, first by Estée Lauder, then by Vogue China. But is the recent focus on Asian models in the fashion industry a major shift or a passing fad?
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    Estée Lauder Celebrates Make-up Series In Beijing; Anna Wintour Arrives After Vogue’s December Issue Features Asian Models#

    Over the weekend in Beijing, Estée Lauder celebrated the unveiling of the new Pure Color Metamorphosis make-up series, a limited edition series designed to appeal to the modern Chinese woman. Arriving on the red carpet at Ch’ianmen 23, honored guests of the night included Estée Lauder executives Jane Hertzmark Hudis and Aerin Lauder; Creative Makeup Director, Tom Pecheux; and Taiwanese male supermodel, Gao Xiang. The night culminated in a make-up show, with an array of Chinese supermodels wearing looks from Derek Lam’s 2011 Spring show and make-up from the Pure Color Metamorphosis line.

    The "Pure Color Metamorphosis" line, which will debut in China, includes 28 lip gloss and 24 eye shadow colors, while the China limited edition series will include a five-color eye palette and lip gloss in a gold case, which will launch simultaneously in spring 2011. Models included Danni Li, Jia Jing, Shi Zhou Liang, Liu Dan, supermodel Dai Xiaoyi, Taiwan’s Bai Xin Hui, while supermodel Liu Wen closed the show in a white Derek Lam full-length gown. (See more at China Daily)

    The event marks Liu Wen’s official debut as Estée Lauder’s new global spokeswoman, following the company's initial announcement in April. Liu Wen’s advertising campaigns will appear globally starting in January 2011, including an image created specifically for China. The image, as shot by photographer Craig McDean, features a look that includes "glistening pastel eye shades and a pink crystalline lip, combined with hair accessories of black lacquered butterflies to reveal Liu Wen as the image of delicate sophistication.” (Business Wire)

    As one of China’s top models, Liu was selected to be the new face of global beauty for Estée Lauder as her image would resonate with potential customers around the world, including Chinese consumers, who are Estée Lauder’s fastest growing market.

    Additionally, Liu Wen's debut was celebrated by a private dinner hosted by Vogue China. Interestingly, Anna Wintour, editor in chief at American Vogue, is also in China this week to meet with Vogue China editorial director, Angelica Cheung. Wintour has said that she has two objectives in mind on her China trip: to learn more about the fashion market for overseas designers aiming to enter China, while linking up with emerging Chinese designers who could potentially reach US consumers.

    This is a continuation in Vogue’s recent interest in China, as the current issue has sparked mixed feedback from blogs like The Cut NY on its photo spread titled ‘Asia Major,’ which features eight Asian models, four of them Chinese. According to the Vogue spread, Asian models are “redefining traditional concepts of beauty,” but while this is lauded as a baby step towards diversification in fashion, it’s been noted that Vogue has largely ignored Asian models in the past, and that over its 40-year history, Vogue has never featured an Asian model on its cover.

    It’ll remain to be seen whether Vogue uses this simply as an acknowledgement of the presence of Asian models in the industry or as a step towards featuring more Asian models, but it is undeniable that growing demand for luxury products in Asia, particularly in China, has made it natural for Asian faces to be featured more prominently in the fashion world.

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