Exploring Gen’z urban cool: Michael Kors’ denim bakery takes Shanghai by storm

    Michael Kors teams up with Shanghai's BAsDBAN bakery, unveiling a denim bakery with oversized handbag installations and limited-edition treats, captivating young consumers with fashion-forward flair.
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    To celebrate the debut of its Denim Collection handbags, Michael Kors partnered with Shanghai's beloved BAsDBAN bakery, unveiling the Michael Kors denim bakery from April 12 to April 21. Inspired by the Mandarin homophony of “Bag” and “Bread,” the collaboration embodies the concept of “buy a bag or buy a bread,” offering a delightful fusion of fashion and lifestyle delights. Nestled along Yuyuan Road, one of the hippest neighborhoods in Shanghai, BAsDBAN is renowned for its delectable croissants.

    During the limited-time bakery's debut, the brand erected an oversized Tribeca handbag on the shop's exterior wall. Additionally, the brand and BAsDBAN crafted a limited-edition menu and specialty drinks.

    Netizens’ reactions#

    On the opening day of the bakery on April 11, Michael Kors invited its Greater China ambassador Bai Lu to play the role of a temporary store manager. Her presence ignited a viral sensation on Weibo with 14 million views within 2 hours. Since its launch on April 12, the space has consistently drawn crowds of young people eager to immerse themselves in the denim-themed bakery experience.

    Within just 4 days after the launch, around 1200 related posts have flooded Xiaohongshu, with netizens lauding the design, quality, and creativity of the takeover, striking a chord with young fashion enthusiasts.


    In the race for the younger generation's attention, crafting a campaign that seamlessly marries playfulness with the exquisite image of luxury brands is no small feat.

    Originating from New York, Michael Kors inherently embodies boldness and a spirit of exploration. In the post-pandemic landscape of China, the notion of “city walk” has emerged as a lifestyle synonymous with urban cool, redefining leisurely urban exploration as a captivating “journey” for young people.

    Michael Kors' immersive bakery takeover not only caters to the social needs of young people but also effectively communicates the brand's image. The overwhelming popularity of this concept among the youth underscores the importance of being an engaging, narrative-driven brand willing to embrace the lifestyle of young consumers, ultimately capturing their attention, fostering brand affinity, and cultivating enduring brand influence.

    Michael Kors' recent market endeavors have injected a breath of fresh air into consumer experiences. Whether through the 2024 Chinese New Year short film, “Carry Your True Self,” or this innovative collaboration, Michael Kors is rewriting the brand narrative in a refreshing manner, enhancing its resonance with the local younger generation.

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