Event Watch: “The China Model For The Next Decade” At Columbia University (March 31)

    Columbia University's fifth annual China Business Conference will include more than 40 speakers discussing the “The China Model for the Next Decade,” debating the challenges and opportunities emerging in the rapidly changing Chinese economy.
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    Event Includes More Than 40 Speakers#

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    Taking place on March 31 in New York, Columbia University's fifth annual China Business Conference will include more than 40 speakers discussing the “The China Model for the Next Decade,” debating the challenges and opportunities emerging in the rapidly changing Chinese economy. Featuring keynote addresses, panel discussions and social events, this year's China Business Conference will bring together a wide array of executives and leaders in the fields of industry, government and academia, exploring a full spectrum of issues related to the macro-economy, capital markets, private equity, investment banking, consumer market, real estate, and entrepreneurship.

    The main thrust of this year's event is a full examination of the "China Model." Following three decades of double-digit economic growth, recent years have seen greater scrutiny by economists and business leaders on the model's stability. At the China Business Conference, speakers will discuss what exactly the China Model entails, why it's worked, and whether it is as sustainable or universal as Beijing makes it out to be. Drawing on the experience of presenters with a long history of doing business in or with China, the Conference will engage speakers from China and the U.S. to debate on different interpretations of the China Model, and to discuss the implications for the Chinese economy in the decade ahead.

    Additional keynote speeches and industry panels will tackle the subject from different angles, looking at peripheral questions such as: How will the environment change for entrepreneurs in China? How does the global capital market evaluate the opportunity and risk China presents? What is going to be the hallmark of some key industries such as consumer goods and real estate? What implications does the “China Model” have for the world?

    Opening and keynote speakers at this year's conference include Amir Ziv, Vice Dean, Columbia Business School; Zhu Wanjin, Deputy Consul General, Consul General of China to New York; Tian Yuan, Chairman, China Entrepreneurs Forum; Frank English, former Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Morgan Stanley; and Michael O'Hanlon, Senior Advisor, TPG Capital.

    Panels and guest speakers include:

    Investment Banking & Financial Institutions: “Capital without Borders”#

    Wei Jiang (moderator) – Professor, Columbia Business School
    Drew Bernstein – Founder & Partner, Bernstein & Pinchuk LLP
    Caroline Owen – Head of Debt Capital Markets NA, Standard Chartered
    Chris Ruder – Managing Director, Portfolio Advisors LLC
    Yu Lü – Director of Corporate Strategy and Investor Relations, ICBC
    Sam Seraphim – Managing Partner, Woodlake Group
    Ming Yu – General Manager and Head of ABC New York Branch Preparation Team

    Real Estate: “Rebuilding the Model”#

    Neng Wang (moderator) – Professor, Columbia Business School
    Keith Abell – Co-founder, Sungate Properties
    Fred Cooper – Senior Vice President, Toll Brothers, Inc.
    Michael Meyer – President, TDC Development and F&T Group
    Malcolm Riddell – President, Riddell Tseng
    Chip Pierson – Principal, General Manager, and Architect, Dahlin Group

    Private Equity & Venture Capital: “Rationalization & Transformation”#

    Marshall Sonenshine (moderator) – Chairman & CEO, Sonenshine Partner
    Jason Chen – Managing Director, Knights Investment Group; President of Wall Street Ren
    Gregory Mark Hill – Managing Partner, GCH Partners
    Ling Liu – Managing Director, New China Management LLC
    Michael O'Hanlon – Senior Advisor, TPG Capital
    Dr. Hao Wu – CEO, Sino-Century China Private Equity Partners
    Nick Rosa – Managing Director, Continental Grain Company - ContiAsia

    Enterprise and Entrepreneurship: “The Engine of Growth”#

    John Leagh (moderator) – Founder of Leagh & Associates
    Henry Cao – Professor of Finance and Chair of Finance Department, CKGSB
    John Liu – Founder & Managing Partner, Highlink Partners
    Steve Sun – Chairman and CEO of Genewiz, Inc.
    Michael Zhu – Manager, Continental Grain Company – ContiAsia

    Consumer Market: “Defining the Evolving Chinese Consumers”#

    Mark Cohen (moderator) – Professor, Columbia Business School; former CEO of Sears Canada
    Sara Bergson – Senior Director of Strategy & Marketing, PepsiCo
    Renee Hartmann – Founder, China Luxury Network
    Caroline Levy – Managing Director, US Beverage/HPC Analyst, Credit Agricole Securities (USA)
    Kai Li – Head of Asia Business Development,
    Liqi Peng – Associate Marketing Director of Gillette Global, Proctor & Gamble
    Baohong Sun – Associate Dean, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business

    Macro Economy: “China’s New Role in the Post-Crisis World”#

    Xiaobo Lü (moderator) – Professor, Columbia University
    Daniel P. Ahn – Senior Economist and Strategist, Citigroup
    Pingfan Hong – Chief of Global Economic Monitoring, United Nations
    Mr. David Mann – Regional Head of Research Americas, Standard Chartered
    Ken Miller – CEO & President, Ken Miller Capital; former Vice Chairman, Merrill Lynch Capital Markets
    Malcolm Riddell – CEO, Riddell Tseng; Editor, China Debate

    Capital Market and Investment: “Navigating the China Investment Landscape”#

    David Beim (moderator) – Professor, Columbia Business School
    Kevin Carter – CEO, AlphaShares/Baochuan Capital
    Andrew Hudders – Partner, Golenbock Eiseman Assor Bell & Peskoe
    Marc H. Iyeki – Managing Director, NYSE Euronext
    Andrew Left – Head of Citron Research

    5th Annual Columbia University China Business Conference#

    "The China Model for the Next Decade"
    March 31, 2012, 8:30am-6:00pm
    Low Memorial Library and Uris Hall, New York, NY
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