Event Watch: National Tour Association China Market Forum

    The National Tour Association is convening in Hawaii from August 15 to 19 to discuss the best ways in which to make sure the United States remains a key destination for Chinese tourists.
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    The United States is a top destination for Chinese travelers, and the National Tour Association (NTA) hopes to keep it that way with an upcoming information-packed business retreat taking place from August 15 to 17 in Hawaii.

    According to the NTA’s press release,

    “This market is exceptionally promising for our members, and we’re working with a variety of partners to grow it: U.S. and Chinese government officials, Chinese travel agents, and of course, NTA tour operators, suppliers and destinations,” said Lisa Simon, NTA president. “The China Market Forum will bring all the players together in Hawai‘i so we can formulate a game plan for growth.”

    The forum will feature four sessions which focus on distinct aspects of China-U.S. tourism: a market overview, a discussion with Chinese travel agents, a session on packaging travel for the Chinese traveler, and seminars on how tourism professionals can become “China-ready”. Industry experts presenting include Isabel Hill, director of the Office of Travel and Tourism Industries with the U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Jay Gray, vice president of Brand USA, and Nick Hentschel, director of business development and legal affairs for AmericanTours International.

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